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December 18, 2017 - ANNOUNCING
The FreeEats Network on YouTube

The FreeEats Network is offering a new service: the FreeEats Network on YouTube. This YouTube Channel offers our clients the ability to post videos for the hundreds of thousands of FreeEats Members. These videos can provide links to Member web sites, products and special offerings. FreeEats will also mine our extensive geographic and demographic databases to allow our Membership to focus on clients with specific areas of interest. This capability is made possible through the written Opt-In Text Message permissions granted by individual members and clients. The FreeEats Network on YouTube service provides our Membership the ability to participate in the Programmatic Auctions and Header Bidding in the contemporary mobile focussed new media advertising marketplace.

FreeEats is also inviting our FreeEats Members to post family friendly videos on the FreeEats Network on YouTube. We compensate members based upon views generated by their individual videos. Please visit this FreeEats Page for details on this program.

The FreeEats Network and the FreeEats Network on YouTube reaches over six million individuals nationwide. We provide advertisers completed consumer video views on mobile devices seeking their specific products, goods and services.

Please feel free to contact Gabriel Joseph for more information about this offering or to submit a video for placement on the FreeEats Network on YouTube.

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